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  1. Quinoa Flakes Rolled Organic 300g
  2. Gluten Flour 500g
    Special Price A$7.30 Regular Price A$8.35
  3. Lecithin Granules Unbleached 200g
  4. Bicarb Soda (Aluminium Free) 500g
  5. LSA Meal 450g
    Special Price A$6.70 Regular Price A$7.85
  6. Millet Hulled Organic 500g
  7. Wheat Germ Stabilised 500g
  8. Carob Powder Organic 250g
  9. Potato Starch 500g
    Special Price A$4.80 Regular Price A$5.85
  10. Potato Flour Organic 375g
  11. Lecithin Granules 450g
    Special Price A$16.70 Regular Price A$19.60
  12. Besan Flour Organic 500g
  13. Agar Agar 75g
    Special Price A$17.20 Regular Price A$19.60
  14. Linseed (Flaxseed) Brown Organic 500g
  15. Fennel Lactation Crackers 255g
  16. Ginger Pregnancy Biscuits 250g
  17. Nutty Mr Maple Chocolate Bar
  18. Apricot Fruit Spread 283g
  19. Dark Chocolate Hazelnuts 55g
  20. Erythritol 500g
  21. Nut Mylk Base Original 300g
  22. Wheat Germ Raw 500g
    Special Price A$4.60 Regular Price A$5.85
  23. Millet Flour Organic 500g
  24. Millet Puffed Organic 175g

Items 1-30 of 163

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