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Our Story

Sprout Market is run by a group of individuals with an avid interest in making healthy living an achievable goal for everyone. We are here to revolutionise the Whole Foods Industry by providing you with organic and natural options at the best prices. 

Often when you hear the words “shop organic”, “choose natural”, they are accompanied by hefty price tags. Simply recall the weekly dilemma one is likely to face at their local super mart. We often wind up choosing the cheaper, mass-produced option, since it costs a fraction of the price of their organic counterparts. This means that ultimately the everyday consumer winds up paying more in the long run when they should have the choice to pay less when they can.

We believe that there’s no reason why choosing to use organic and natural products should be difficult or expensive. We eliminate unnecessary price mark-ups by simplifying the shopping experience for you. With Sprout Market, we can all strive to become more conscious consumers with prices that work with our budget.

Thank you for being a part of the Sprout journey!

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