Sesame Maple Tofu Bowl

My favourite types of meals are those where I get a bunch of ingredients and pop them all into a bowl. Sometimes it’s pretty basic with just come rice, spinach and beans but this time we’re getting a little creative. I made a killer marinade (if I do say so myself) for some tofu and combined it with some fresh produce to create one satisfying meal and one that’s become a staple.

For the full video recipe, check out But if you’re interested in the written version, keep on reading!

I bought some tofu, not really knowing what I wanted. I looked into my fridge and saw all my favourite sauces and condiments and thought why not mix a few together? I was lacking in tahini, so I thought hummus would make an okay replacement considering it has tahini in it. And oh how I was so so right, it’s amazing. Do yourself a favour and make this sweet/spicy and creamy marinade. And if you don’t usually like tofu, I think you’re just doing it wrong. It’s all about what you marinade it in.

Ingredients: (for 2)

  • 1 cup of rice of choice
  • 350g firm tofu (dry out and press for optimum yum)
  • handful of mushrooms
  • bunch of broccolini
  • 1/2 cup capsicum
  • 1/2 purple cabbage
  • 1 medium radish
  • head of baby cos lettuce
  • 1 cucumber
  • 1 carrot
  • punnet cherry tomatoes
  • juice of half a lemon
  • black pepper

For the tofu marinade:


  1. Chop your tofu into desired chunks. I did mine about 1 cm thickness lengthwise. Press and dry out.
  2. Make your marinade, mix all your ingredients together.
  3. Prepare your veggies. Chop chop chop.
  4. Marinate tofu and let soak for at least 30 mins.
  5. Sauté your sliced mushrooms with a little bit of water on a non-stick pan. Add in lemon, black pepper and a dash of tamari. Leave aside once done.
  6. Cook broccolini how desired. I just sautéed it in a pan with a bit of water until cooked.
  7. In a non-stick pan (important you guys!), ‘fry’ your tofu until all the moisture has been absorbed up.
  8. Plate up your food and add in a little bit of avo if you’re feeling savvy.

I honestly was impressed with how good the tofu tasted. And to think, it’s just a mix of my favourite sauces. Guess that means favourite sauce x favourite sauce = ultimate sauce. What makes this sauce though, is the hummus. So go grab some hummus, your staple sauce and get marinating! It’ll be a meal you’ll definitely devoured happily.

Enjoy, friends x