Caramel Chocolate Cups by: @aveganfeed

Super simple, 4-ingredient, cruelty free goodness



  • Spread chocolate in paper cupcake liners, lining the base and sides, reserving some chocolate for the tops of the cups.
  • Refrigerate until set and hard. 
  • Blend remaining ingredients until very smooth.
  • Place into the hardened chocolate moulds, create a smooth top, refrigerate.
  • When firm, top with remaining melted chocolate and refrigerate until set. 

About these ingredients:

Dairy-free chocolate

This chocolate is minimally processed and made from organic, nutrient dense, wholefood ingredients.


High levels of dietary fibre, and a delectable soft caramel flavour, they make a tasty and nutritious snack, and are great in baking or raw desserts. 


This creamy spread is rich in minerals, a great source of calcium and can assist in balancing out female hormones. 

Maple Syrup

A wonderful sugar substitue. It is packed with natural vitamins and minerals thanks to the traditional processing methods that protect the flavour and the nutrients.