Buffalo Cauliflower wings BBQ style by: Emma Fabre

These Cauliflower wings are the perfect substitute to your typical not so healthy buffalo wings. Made vegan and gluten free they are soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. The perfect pre-dinner snack



  • Chop cauliflower into medium sized pieces
  • Lightly steam cauliflower
  • Mix wet ingredients together and slowly as in the flour until it becomes a thick consistency.
  • Then coat cauliflower bites.
  • Cook in oven until golden (200^C)

About these ingredients:


Spiral Foods Tamari is rich, flavourful and brings a gorgeous salty taste to any dish. Naturally fermented soybeans create the perfect wheat and gluten free seasoning that is rich in amino acids and flavour. Tamari contains much less salt than traditional soy sauce.  It also aids in the digestion of fruits and vegetables, while being rich in several minerals, and is a good source of vitamin B3, protein, manganese, and tryptophan. Tamari can be used as a salt substitute, veggie sautee and dressing or dip 


Coconut Oil

Niugini 100% raw organic virgin coconut oil is extracted without heat, ensuring the retention of antioxidants such as Vitamin E that battle free radicals. Coconut oil full of health-giving properties and has delicious taste. One of the reasons we love using it is because of the high smoke point, making it the perfect oil to use in your cooking.

coconut oil

Brown Rice Flour

Made from organically grown brown rice. Nothing added. This light flour is full of natural goodness, with protein and dietary fibre. It adds a slightly nutty flavour great for sauces, coating food, making noodles or desserts. 


Maple Syrup

The tastiest and most flavoursome maple syrup on the market today is Adirondack's A Grade Maple Syrup. Perfect as a sugar substitute, or for use on pancakes, waffles, French toast and ice-cream, it's the tastiest syrup around. It is packed with natural vitamins and minerals thanks to the traditional processing methods that protect the flavour and the nutrients.

maple syrup