Mum Approved! Comfortable, Skin Friendly and Environmentally Friendly Nappy

As a nutritionist and a busy working mum of two little girls, one of my biggest priorities is living the healthiest and greenest lifestyle I can. One major nuisance in our house has been the ever challenging hunt for a decent nappy and believe me it has been tough!


I started with the cloth nappies, with variable success, but once baby no 2 came along they soon went out of the window! So the search was on to find a comfortable, skin friendly and environmentally friendly nappy. I have tried many brands and had little success, either they had the absorbency of cardboard and leaked or they irritated my youngest girl Seren, who is super sensitive.

I was very excited when Aimee from TOM launched Tooshies as I have used her sanitary products since she launched them 6 or so years ago. I have been using Tooshies for the last week and I have to say I'm sold.... The first thing I noticed was how soft and stretchy they are, so no more sore little thighs for this chunky monkey!!

My eldest daughter Harper loves the cute prints and is happy to wear them to bed (she normally has a meltdown about wearing a nappy to bed as 'she's a big girl now'). I have been using them on Seren overnight with no leaks or irritations! So I have to say for a mummy point of view they are fantastic and from a planet friendly perspective, they are on point too!!

A win win in this house!

I'd love to know what everyone else thinks? 

Happy bum changing,