Why You'll Love Sprout Market: Like A Vegan Review

Where To Buy: http://bit.ly/SproutMarket_LikeAVegan (Use this link to get 15% off + free shipping on your first order)

Do you love avoiding crowds, getting discounts and awesome vegan products? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re gonna love Sprout Market – a new way of shopping online to score great discounts on your fave brands and discover some new ones while you’re at it.

Sprout Market (SproMar – that’s my new name for ’em) stock a whole bunch of stuff like food, health products, beauty, body care, homewares and even stuff for pets with easy filtering options so you are finding what suits your values (vegan, gluten free, raw etc.)


I recently got my first order from Sprout Market, which the legends kindly pulled together for me so I could test out how it all works for myself. This time around they sent me a selection of their edible goods because really – food is the best.

The drink selection is pretty tight IMHO with a selection of kombucha, dairy-free milks and healthy soft drinks. Just try to stay away from the amazing tea, protein powder and coconut water section – I dare ya!

In this order I grabbed a few bottles of Remedy Kombucha in Ginger + Lemon for $3.80 each (RRP is $4.49 – that’s a saving of 15%) plus some Pacific Hazelnut Chocolate Drink for $8.99 (RRP is $10.99 which is a huge saving of 22%!)


Y’all know I’m all about that snack life and there’s a huge range on to choose from such as chocolate, crackers, dried fruit and a whole mess of other stuff. I picked up my fave Clif Bars for $2 each with a mammoth discount of 32% which adds up hella quickly when you eat as many of those bad boys as I do. Sprout Market also stock the classic vegan ingredients like Loving Earth’s Buckinis for $10.40 (that’s a discount of 19% guys) and some great meal staples like Forbidden Green Rice for $7.00 (a 22% discount from the RRP of $8.95).


If you’re looking to pick up something different in your shop, do what I did and grab yourself some Chocolate Peanut Butter Powder for $11.70 (that’s a discount of 22% as well) or some Pimp My Salad Sunflower Seed Sprinkles for $6.30 (a discount of 21% from $7.95).


For those of you playing at home, this order would have normally cost $81.01 but all up my order cost only $65.44. That’s a pretty huge saving for such a small order.


The process for signing up is pretty simple. You score a free 30 day trial when you join so that you can check out what’s available and the awesome member prices. During this time you can order HERE to get 20% off at checkout with the code 56959b plus get free shipping too (WOO!) After 30 days if you choose to join, you’ll pay a yearly fee of $59.99 (which adds up to less than $5 per month) to access awesome discounts all year round. Kinda like Costco but for better stuff, plus you don’t have to leave the house!

Thank you Chelsey (Like a Vegan) for this awesome blog post, you can check out more awesomeness here  and make sure to give her a follow @likeavegan