Why You May Want To Opt For Topical Magnesium Rather Than Tablets

When you think of supplementing with magnesium you often think of tablets right?

Well it may be time to rethink this and try out magnesium in a topical form. This is an odourless, non greasy way to boost your magnesium levels while experiencing a relaxing sensation. In fact using magnesium topically in comparison to a tablet absorbs more of the nutrient because it does not have to go through the digestive track, where some of the magnesium levels can be lost.

Benefits you may experience after using magnesium:

  • Healthy glowing skin: Applying magnesium cream to your skin gentles exfoliates and leaves you with a radiant glow.
  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles, scars and acne: Magnesium can balance the pH levels reducing the appearance of fine lines, sun spots and redness leaving your skin visibly clearer
  • Muscle pain and/or soreness: Magnesium eases inflammation that your body can experience. It is a great natural way to reduce pain and increase flexibility in the area it is absorbed into.
  • Reduce PMS symptoms: For the ladies out there, when it is that time of the month magnesium spray is an excellent thing to use. Magnesium spray relaxes the muscles naturally and can reduce inflammation. Simply rub some on your lower abdomen area or where you are experience the pain.