Self-Care Rituals you can start practising today! 

With the new year present it is a good time to focus on yourself and how to become a better you! We are all about self improvement and feeling the best we can.

One way we really think you can bring this into play is following these 5 simple yet effective practises on a daily basis.

  1.  Drink water: Water is a powerful liquid that many of us take for granted. Being hydrated naturally without added sugars and chemicals is the best way to quench your thirst. Carry around this 2.2L bottle and you are sure to get in enough water through the  day 
  2.  Think happy thoughts: It is only normal that the stresses of the day can get in the way of our happy thoughts. But being present and appreciating what you have in the moment is very powerful to your mental health. Our suggestion is to write down one  happy thought each day before you go to bed. 
  3.  Eat more fruits and vegetables: Whether is be the green smoothie in the morning or that apple that you pack in your lunch, the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables are powerful for our health and well-being.
  4.  Spend time in nature: Surrounding yourself in nature is a powerful tool to feel more connected to the environment you live in and can provide a boost to our body and mind. It is time to stop confining yourself to the indoors and get outside for a breath of f  fresh air. 
  5.  Get Moving: Moving your body daily is extremely important for your health and well-being. Exercising releases endorphins that make you feel better and can lower your stress levels.