Thinking about adding in more Gut Friendly foods to your diet? Here are some tasty ways to do it.

If you are setting yourself some health goals for 2017, we have a suggestion that you should consider adding to your list. 2017 should be the year of incorporating Gut friendly ingredients into your diet. Gut Friendly products have been the topic of conversation for quite a while now in the health and wellness world. Consuming these types of products every day can result in major improvements to your health and well-being. For instance, having strong gut health leads to better digestion, more energy, weight loss and much more!

At Sprout Market we are obsessing over these fermented and probiotic rich products.

Here are five of our favourite Gut Friendly foods:

  • Kombucha: Tart, bubbly and slightly sweet. Remedy + Kombucha Max are our top picks.
  • Fermented Protein: Raw Amazonia provides a raw and fermented protein powder that is Paleo and Vegan friendly. A perfect addition that adds in amino acids and superfoods.  
  • Pre/probiotic 25 Alive 150g: Eden Health Foods provides a natural gut health formula that has pre-biotics, 16 strains of probiotics and 25 billion strains of bacteria.
  • Organic Coco Not Soy Sauce: Matakana Superfoods provides this tasty soy sauce replacement that is made out of fermented coconut nectar and sea salt. It provides naturally occurring amino acids and vitamins. The perfect addition to a stir-fry or rice dish.