Lavera Natural Makeup Look

Made up but natural – the look where less is more relies on quiet tones and natural colours. Its soft shades range from pink to beige. This discreet make-up trend doesn't just suit our model Marie Nasemann, it flatters everyone.


Step 1:

Dab on some Natural Mousse make-up in the shade that best suits your skin tone, selectively on those areas of the face that need covering such as small red marks and other irregularities. Pat some natural concealer gently onto the lower part of the eyes with your middle finger.


Important for this look: Do not powder your face, so as not to lose that natural glow. Apply some So Fresh Mineral rouge powder in the shade Charming Rose 01.


Step 2:

For discreetly highlighted eyes, apply the lightest tone of the Quattro Palette Cappuccino Cream 02 to the whole lid. With the medium shade colour, you accentuate your eyelid creases. Finally, blend the transitions well.


Apply Soft Eyeliner Brown 02 along the upper and lower lashes and blend. Volume mascara can be worn discreetly with the Nude look, to lend natural definition to your lashes. Then give the eyebrows some shape with transparent Eyebrow Styling Gel.


Step 3:

Your lips can also have a discreetly natural shimmering finish with this look. To achieve this, trace the contours of your lips with Soft Lip liner Rose 01. Finally, colour your lips with Glossy Lips lip gloss in Rosy Sorbet 08 – your naturally beautiful look is finished!