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Activated Organic Almonds 300g

Activated Organic Almonds 300g

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Almonds or Prunus Dulcis are native to the Middle East. It is suggested that they must have been cultivated in the Levant region first. Its fruit, likely imported from the Levant, was found in Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt (c. 1325 BC). Almonds have been an integral part of the diet in many of the Levant region cultures. They are one of the most nutritious of all nuts and are frequently used in pastries and other foods. Spain has one of the most diverse commercial cultivars of almonds. The metabolic benefits of almonds stem from their low saturated fats and high monounsaturated fatty acids, which are regarded as "healthy fat". Not to be overlooked is their vegetable protein, high fiber, vitamin and mineral content. In the Old Testament, the almond was a symbol of watchfulness and promise due to its early flowering, whilst in India, consumption of almonds is believed to be beneficial for the brain.ofcourse the bit above you always leave for all of the nuts for example.


PER 30G PER 30G PER 100G
ALMOND ENERGY 750kJ n/a 2503kJ
PROTEIN 5.8g 9.10% 19.5g
TOTAL 16.4g n/a 54.7g
SATURATED 1.1g n/a 3.7g
CARBOHYDRATES 6.3g n/a 21g
SUGARS 1.4g n/a 4.8g
SODIUM 79.5g n/a 265mg
CALCIUM 75mg 7.50% 250mg
CHROMIUM 0.1ug 0.30% 0.4ug
COPPER 0.3mg 6.60% 1.1mg
IRON 1.2mg 14.60% 3.9mg
MAGNESIUM 78mg 18.60% 260mg
MANGANESE 0.7mg 13.60% 2.5mg
MOLYBDENUM 7.4ug 16.50% 24.7ug
PHOSPHORUS 144mg 14.40% 480mg
POTASSIUM 222mg 5.80% 740mg
SELENIUM 1ug 1.40% 3.2ug
ZINC 1.1mg 7.90% 3.7mg
RIBOFLAVIN B2 0.4mg 32.30% 1.3mg
NIACIN B3 4.6mg 28.80% 15.4MG
PANTOTHENIC ACID 0.1mg 2% 15.4mg
VIT E 8.4mg n/a 28.1mg
FOLATES 17.4ug 4.30% 58ug
All quantities stated are averages. Serving size - 30gms.
Figures sourced from ANZFA webpages.

About This Brand

2Die4 Live Foods began in Byron Bay with one passion in mind - the health benefits and improved taste when soaking, sprouting and fermenting foods. Now they provide 'activated' foods that have fewer anti-nutrients, allowing you to absorb more of the goodness and enjoy the taste of organic nuts and seeds.


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