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Blue Dinosaur

Born out of frustration at the lack of Paleo-friendly snack options available to the Australian market, Blue Dinosaur grew from a passion for good food and healthy ingredients combined into the tastiest bars around. Their snack bars are nutritious, honest, most delicious Paleo snack you can find, and the best you can get your hands on.

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  1. Paleo Bars Dark Cacao (12 Bars)
  2. Paleo Bars Lamington (12 Bars)
  3. Paleo Bars Banana Bread (12 Bars)
  4. Paleo Bars Banana Bread
  5. Paleo Bars Blueberry
  6. Paleo Bars Blueberry
  7. Paleo Bars Sour Cherry (12 Bars)
  8. Paleo Bars Macadamia Lemon
  9. Paleo Bars Sour Cherry
  10. Super Bite Acai Berries 30g
  11. Super Bite Espresso 30g
  12. Super Bite Matcha Greens 30g
  13. Super Bite Passionfruit 30g
  14. Paleo Bars Cacao Mint (12 Bars)
  15. Paleo Bars Wild Apricot (12 Bars)
  16. Paleo Bars Cacao Mint
  17. Paleo Bars Wild Apricot
  18. Paleo Bars The Brazilian
  19. Paleo Bars Dark Cacao
  20. Paleo Bars Lamington

28 Items

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