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Pukka create beautiful, sustainably produced, organic herbal teas of exemplary quality. Awakening people to the incredible power of herbs and inspiring people to live a more conscious life are key parts of the Pukka ethos. Pukka aspires to live up to its name, taken from the Hindi word for 'genuine' and 'authentic', by creating only the highest quality herbal tea for your enjoyment. Australians have embraced Pukka Herb's unique herbal blends enthusiastically, showing that neither climate nor distance will stop us from enjoying the incredible taste and amazing health benefits that Pukka has to offer. 

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  1. Love Tea Bags (20)
  2. Original Chai Tea Bags (20)
  3. Night Time Tea Bags (20)
  4. After Dinner Tea Bags (20)
  5. Three Tulsi Tea Bags (20)
  6. Vanilla Chai Tea Bags (20)
  7. Three Fennel Tea Bags (20)
  8. Three Ginger Tea Bags (20)
  9. Turmeric Gold Tea Bags (20)
  10. Relax Tea Bags (20) - Vata
  11. Womankind Tea Bags (20)
  12. Cleanse Tea Bags (20)
  13. Detox Tea Bags (20)

Items 1-30 of 40

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